FAMINE at BOSTON COLLEGE — Nov. 9th and 10th

Students, Artists, Activists, Academics!

If you’re here, you’ve heard about The 40-Hour Famine at Boston College from November 9th & 10th in O’Neill Plaza. We invite you to read on, share our message, and take part in the active effort to redefine hunger and our relationship to it.

The Message:

People are starving. Here in Boston, the US, the world. Let’s do something about that.

The Obstacle:

We know that. What we don’t know is how that feels. We’ve heard that feast begets famine, but we don’t really know what “famine” means. We’ve heard that people die daily from hunger even though there is enough food on earth to feed everyone — but we don’t know why. We don’t know that we, as a nation and a culture, might be perpetuating world hunger rather than relieving it. Or if we know these things, we may not really BELIEVE them.

The Objective:

To show, to prove, to illuminate, to demonstrate, that our actions here have enormous, life-altering impacts elsewhere. To create a conversation that changes our BELIEFS about world hunger. Once our beliefs change, actions can follow suit.

The Tactics:

Creating art, telling stories, and building solidarity are the three things that I feel carry information from the brain to the heart, from thought to action.

The 40 Hour Famine is a COMMUNITY FASTING PROJECT, slated to take place in the days LEADING UP TO Hunger Awareness and Homelessness Week — Nov. 12th to Nov. 20th. Members of the BC community will be invited to take a pledge to fast for 40 hours in solidarity with men, women, and children around world who struggle with hunger on a daily basis — they will also pledge to attend a number of events held by the African Student Organization and other organizations for the upcoming Hunger Awareness Week.

It is designed to incite unexpected interactions between BC students and hunger, to raise awareness about global food inequalities, and to pique the interest of the average BC student by demonstrating information about famine, hunger, and food — artistically, collaboratively, and accessibly.

It is a famine awareness project. It is a waste reduction project. It is an art and social justice project. It is global, it is local, it is immediate, and it is very very far away. This is a place where…





in SOLIDARITY with the chronically hungry,

and we want you to JOIN US.

That’s my pitch. If you’re interested in participating or contributing time, energy, and/or ideas to the demonstration, email me at the address below. Most of all, we are in need of person-power. We need people that want to be involved in spreading this message, and/or diversifying it.  If you are interested in participating but not necessarily contributing to the creation of the project, forward this message to your friends, club members, or department head and start spreading the word.

Thank you for checking out our site and I hope to hear from you soon.

Zachary Desmond



About zwdesmond

I am a senior Philosophy and Theater Arts major at Boston College. I am a member of the Arts and Social Responsibility Project and Co-Chair of the Contemporary Theatre of BC.
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