Schedule and Activities

We’ve heard a lot of questions about what our schedule looks like for the 9th and 10th and how people can engage in the collaborative art components of this demonstration. Those are great questions.



Living Biographies: Taking stories from Enough by Roger Thurow and Scott Kilman, participants and passers-by will be able to follow the stories of actual individuals by being asked to make life or death choices in response to actual circumstances in their underdeveloped regions of the world. This activity is designed to highlight way farmer subsidies in the United States, domestic agricultural policy and the UN system of international food aid undermines agricultural development and food independence in the developing world, especially in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa.

40 minutes of silence for those who are suffering with lives defined by starvation, for those lost to hunger, and for those who have lost their families, homes, and livelihoods to famine.

An “Urban Survival Game” that depicts the lives of  impoverished regions of the world that are also high in HIV/AIDS prevalence through an interactive simulation, as taught by Professor Shelley White of the Sociology Department. I’m also trying to get her to speak about her experience with HIV/AIDS patients in Lesotho, but we’ll see.

collaborative sculpture / video project that highlights our waste at BC and allows anybody who wants to add to the sculpture a chance to contribute.

I am trying to convince a mentor of mine, Father Mario, SJ to speak on the connection between fasting and spirituality, how slowing down and fasting in solidarity with the marginalized hungry can connect us to a deeper sense of humanity, how this base understanding of the human condition can fuel our faith, our love, and our seeing of “the other”. A meditation led by Buddhist practitioner Sarah Lipton (Boston Shambhala Center) will supplement this presentation.

An enormous cut-out of a man’s body that highlights the impacts of starvation on different parts of the human body, along with a presentation on the effects of malnutrition on children and adults, hopefully from Joanne Burke, a dietician and sustainable agriculture guru that has worked closely with Professor Laura Hake of SustainBC (not yet confirmed).

Ecopledge — an exhibition of photography — Around the world in 25 diets, around BC in 25 meals,  highlighting our relationship to waste against the backdrop of acute hunger experienced by over 15% of the world’s population — A BILLION PEOPLE.

I am in conversation with the Women’s Resource Center to provide a presenter of Famine from the Gendered Perspective.

Hopefully a representative from Americans for Informed Democracy will be contributing a speaker to discuss the relationship between foreign famine and homeland security, arguing that boosting agriculture and development and ending hunger isn’t just the right thing to do, it is the smart and strategic thing to do.

I will lead other presentations/discussions on the following topics:

  • Who, where, how, and what is a Famine?
  • Famine Is Genocide
  • Malnutrition and the Leaders of Tomorrow
  • What can We do?

Art Activities for the event will include:

  • Creating the Face of Hunger – An activity of making masks, slated to happen twice, once in the first few hours of fasting, again in the last few hours.
  • How We Know Hunger – 2×4 foot posters that are completely blank — To be filled with images, (drawn, painted, pasted, etc) that exemplify hunger for the artist/participant.
  • Feeling Hunger – A couple hours at the end of the first night for poets, singers, dramatists and writers to present their take on famine, the global food crisis, and/or their personal relationship to hunger, whatever it may be.
  • Collaborative Performance – ANY interested participants will be invited to come together to create a short collaborative performance piece that can be presented either at the end of the event on the 10th, or thereafter.
  • Professor Mark Cooper’s Collaborative Sculpture class will also be installing a piece that will invite individual community members to contribute to the message of the 40 Hour Famine, that our individual actions can and do have an impact in the fight against world hunger.
CHECK OUT the SCHEDULE PAGE to see updates, additions, and revisions to our schedule. 

About zwdesmond

I am a senior Philosophy and Theater Arts major at Boston College. I am a member of the Arts and Social Responsibility Project and Co-Chair of the Contemporary Theatre of BC.
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