3 REAL Reasons To Join the 40 Hour Famine

You wanted reasons. You got them.

Three REAL reasons to join The 40 Hour Famine:

1. Public demonstrations really CAN change the way people behave. The more participants we have in the space, the more curiosity it creates and the more people we can challenge to think differently about hunger. A lot of people talk, this is your chance to do.

2. You do NOT have to fast for the full 40 Hours. The pledge asks that you make a commitment to a number of hours within 40 Hours. Fast for 3 meals, 24 hours, or sunrise to sunset, this is about finding a way to fast in solidarity so it has to suit YOU.

3. Though we will be hungry, we won’t be idle. There are plenty of activities and presentations that will be available to participants and passers-by alike, along with a great talk from Father Mario Cisneros, SJ about Fasting, Spirituality, and Social Justice. But I think the talk and the activities will have a greater impact if you’re actually fasting.


I’m trying to flood BC facebooks with this event, so invite 4 friends to the 40 Hour Famine RIGHT NOW — it will only take 2 minutes — and you can be apart of changing our small little corner of the world right now, and if we really spread the word, a bigger corner in the future.



Fasting Begins: Wednesday, November 9th  at 12:01AM (wherever you are)

40HrFamine Talks and Activities: Wednesday from 11:50a to 7:00p (O’Neill Plaza)

40hrFamine Talks and Activities: Thursday from 10:15a to 3:00p (O’Connell House)

Fasting Ends: Thursday, November 10th at 4:01PM (location TBA)



About zwdesmond

I am a senior Philosophy and Theater Arts major at Boston College. I am a member of the Arts and Social Responsibility Project and Co-Chair of the Contemporary Theatre of BC.
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