Over 100 students hungry today

Today was an enormous success. I am pleased to say, with the 24th hour drawing near, we had over 100 participants pledge to fast today. I’d like to thank everyone that stopped by today to listen or to pledge or to outline people’s bodies in chalk, and encourage you all to join us again tomorrow. Thanks is also due to Fr. Mario for his talk on Fasting, Spirituality, and Social Justice tonight, and to those who joined us.

It will be raining tomorrow so we’ll be in the O’Connell house for most of the day, but we will still be breaking the fast at 4pm in O’Neill Plaza, right next to the library.

Please join us, no matter how long you fasted or when you plan on stopping. I’d love to have you there. 



A little inspiration for those of you feeling the pangs.



About zwdesmond

I am a senior Philosophy and Theater Arts major at Boston College. I am a member of the Arts and Social Responsibility Project and Co-Chair of the Contemporary Theatre of BC.
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