Sign the Pledge

The 40 HOUR Famine Pledge: 

I, ______________________________________________, pledge to fast for

_____ / 40 Hours     OR      _____ / 5 meals

from 00:01 on Nov. 9th to 16:00 on Nov. 10th. In solidarity with those who suffer from the effects of famine, chronic hunger, and starvation around the world, this fast will include all forms of food and drink, except water. I understand that partaking in this community fast is a commitment not only to forego food, but also to keep my purpose for fasting in mind and the people for whom I fast at heart. To this end, I will attend ____ Hunger Awareness Week events (Nov. 12 – Nov. 20) and commit to deepening my understanding of global food inequality, famine, and hunger throughout these 40 hours and the 10 days that follow.  I acknowledge that this demonstration is not a Hunger Strike and I pledge to discontinue the fast if, at any time, I begin to feel that I am bringing physical harm to myself in my abstention from food and/or drink.


Signed ________________________ ____ Date ___________




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