What is The 40-Hour Famine?

The 40 HOUR Famine is:

a global food inequality awareness project,

a community fast,

a collaborative art demonstration,

taking place on Nov 9th and 10th in O’Neill Plaza. 

It is first a famine awareness project — To inform the student body of what a famine actually is, how contemporary famine is a symptom of systemic global food inequalities, and what we can do as individuals, a community, and a nation to equalize food access here and abroad.

It is second a fast — In solidarity with the chronically hungry of the developing world, we will be fasting for 40 hours — as a spiritual and political endeavor. Inspired by World Vision’s 24, 30 and 40 Hour Famines in Australia, students will be asked to sign a pledge to fast for any number of meals — Ideally, all 5 meals over the 40 hour period — and to contribute what they would have spent on food for those meals to an organization actively combatting world hunger (Oxfam, World Vision, or Catholic Relief Services). As a supplement to the fast, we will be asking pledgers to participate in at least 2 of the Hunger Awareness Week events held by the African Student Organization from Nov. 14 to Nov. 18th.

It is third a collaborative art demonstration — Using art to create solidarity is essential to our project, as it puts a person behind the information, a face to the hunger, and a voice to the unheard. Through collaborative creation, we hope to foster sustained connections and help transfer the information provided into a catalyst for change, to stir thoughts into action, to mold comprehension into compassion. It is a method by which we can create solidarity and a community dialogue, to do something together and do it with others in mind.

The 40 HOUR Famine is NOT a hunger strike. It is not intended to do violence to the participant or attempt to hold others hostage to a particular agenda.


If you are interested in participating as a volunteer and wish to do more than sign the pledge, please contact Zack Desmond at desmondz@bc.edu.


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